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Love love love

HappyGal Monthly on Oct 2018

Started off 6 or 7 months ago and owner is AWESOME & responds and truly tries to curate boxes to your likes! Great pig for that time of the month we all hate...THANK YOU!!!

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The Sweets Box on Aug 2018

The entire box is basically the same & everything I can find on my own & pay maybe 15$ here
We were looking fwd to great box with a variety of treats ( not just all gummy & sour gummy) the pictures you show on site is what we expected it. We were NOT happy with box...want to return it of maybe you can send some extra sweets/snack w/ some variety
It to mention almost $30 for box & $17 for shipping (out of Canada I understand can be pricey but we were willing to pay bc your boxes came HIGHLY reccomended.

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Mystery Pleasure Box on Jun 2018

Mystery Pleasure Box was a great fun way to help bring a little more to the bedroom...
I also loved that one of the owners reached out to try to get a feel for what we liked bc we evidently started subscription mid way between 2 boxes. The box they chose was GREAT! It also comes in a standard delivery box (so no one knows its from MPB)
For a couple thats been together for 20 yrs(high school sweet hearts) this was a small added bonus to spice things up but not TOO out there.
Great Job!!! 5 stars here & I will continue to reccomend them to our friends.

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Mystery Pleasure Box on Jun 2018

Our box was great...I was leary as my husband's not into trying new things...but figured why not try!!!
I did a one month subscription and the owner reached out NC i subscribed right inbetween boxes....I loved the fact she took the time to talk to me and tried to get an idea of how me/hubby were and likes/dislikes (vanilla etc) The box she enddd up sending was perfect....and my husband(who doesn't generally like new things in the bedroom) is VERY eager to dive into this box (don't tell him I told you but its great for a marriage and even if you like/dont like it trying something new spices things up...20yrs 2gther high school sweet hearts) Thank you again for being so personable and trying to find something that would fit "us". shipped w/ discreet traditional box! 5 stars from us & will continue to reccomend our "Mystery Pleasure Box" to friends!

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