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You goat to be kidding me box.

Blue Heron Farm on Nov 2019

Smells amazing
Love the holiday theme.
Favorite part is that they included a postcard about one of the goats on the farm. His name is Spiderman and he is a Nigerian dwarf buck and four years old.
Down side I am allergic to cocoa butter so I can't use the lip balm, but my kid can so it works out anyway.

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Tea subscription

Magickal Folk on Jun 2018

I have only been subscribed for two months now. The amout of tea in the package qas larger tham I expected and that was nice, but to give an honest review I will sau the Novmber 2017 tea Cauldron of Posey was bland. The December 2017 Nirvana countained allergens for me and so I could not enjoy it personally so I stuck it in a gift bag I assembled for a witchhy friend. I wish there was a way to know in advance if the the teas coming at me contained thing I am allergic to so I can cancel my order for that month.

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