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Not worth it

Craftsman Crate on Sep 2022

I bought a 6 month subscription, and none of the boxes were worth $32, even considering the convenience factor. One of the boxes I got was a paper mache kit, and the value of the items inside was probably around $10.
I had been very excited, because the images show things like wood carving tools, chainmaille making supplies, and basket weaving supplies, all of which would have been very worth it to me. In the questions section the seller even states that they plan to repeat previous boxes, so I thought I would get something cool like that. But all the kits I received were for things that don't take any special tools, and are more like kid craft kits, where you're paying for the convenience of having everything together. This is not how this box is talked about, so I feel ripped off.
Then when my subscription was up I received an email that it had automatically renewed. I never authorized or expected that. This is not okay. If you want your customers to buy another subscription, you need to ask them to do it, not automatically charge their card.

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