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Love this box!

WEvolve Box on Apr 2022

I received my first box in April and I adore it! Everything about it! First of all, Ganesh is just perfect!! I have recently been drawn to Ganesh more and more and had been looking for a nice representation of him! Well, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened my box and there he was!! And a beautiful representation too! The timing of this box in my life was just perfect! I know it was meant to be! Now I can hardly wait for the next box!!! A great value ...I really could not be more pleased!!

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Captain Milo gives Frenchie Box 5 paws

FrenchieBox on Oct 2021

My frenchie Milo has received three boxes so far and has been quite happy with his goodies. The treats have been ones he couldn't wait to gobble and the toys were good quality In one of the boxes came a magnet meant for a car bumper or hatchback, but I have magnetic walls in my office so I have hung it there. I like an occasional little thing for me in there, even though the box is for Milo, so that was fun!
So far, this subscription has been good quality, good value for the money, and has arrived in good time. We will continue with this subscription for a while. Thanks!

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Quirky Post Makes Me Consider Upgrading

Quirky-Crate on Jun 2021

I signed up for Quirky Post to try out this box. I'm pretty quirky, but I'm not teen or 20-something anymore and so I wanted to sort of check it out first.
I got my first Quirky Post the other day and bottom line is I love it! With Quirky Post I guess you get the socks and the pin for sure, and then one other item. I got a really odd little layered notebook that is very fun.
Certainly well worth the $12.95 I paid. I'm on month to month and I might consider upgrading to the full crate in a couple of months if Quirky Post box #2 is as good as this one! Thanks for a fun box!

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Just Okay

Tamed Wild Box on Jun 2021

I just received my first box - I ordered the $19 box to try out the company. I got a small jar of tea (maybe enough for 4-5 cups tops) and a small bag of hibiscus (can get this on Amazon for $2.00/oz for good quality). A few empty tea bags. I also received a small amethyst crystal piece and a little sack. So I'm on the fence about whether this is a $19 value. IMO, value is probably $19 or a bit less. So I don't feel ripped off, but I don't feel like I got a good deal either.
However, I will say that the items were nice and were very good quality. They just seem sort (certainly that is the case with the tea), I guess.
I will give this crate a couple more months and see what happens. Lovely stuff, but I confess that I was expecting just a bit more bang for my buck.

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Witchy Love!!

The Witches Moon® on Jun 2021

Just got my first box today and I am in love!!! This box is filled with all kinds of cool goodies!! I especially love the jewelry item (don’t want to spoil anyone so I won’t say more than that), the gorgeous artwork piece, the oil selection and the jar of ‘magical condiment’. But really, everything is just lovely! I couldn’t be more pleased! Now I can hardly wait for next month!

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