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Update - Waiting on Shipment

My Coffee and Book Club on Jun 2018

I'd like to update on my previous post - I was contacted by the seller, and they agreed to a full refund very promptly & their customer service was appreciated. They have been backed up from Christmas. Hopefully things clear up. I did really enjoy the book received in my package, though I have not been able to try the coffee yet, it smells good.

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I'm also still waiting for my shipment

My Coffee and Book Club on Jun 2018

I literally have the exact same review as Katie. Ordered Dec 28, didn't ship after the 7 days, contacted seller, they say it was damaged, resent package, tracking information doesn't work. I have contacted them waiting for a reply, but I am so disappointed and upset. It feels vaguely like a scam at this point. I really hope this pulls through and someone from Cratejoy or even the seller contacts me, as I feel taken advantage of given my payment has already been fully processed but I have received nothing in return.

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