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Exactly What Dads Need!

The Rad Dad Box on Jun 2018

Look no further! After searching quite extensively to find an appropriate gift for my husband's birthday (who became a father this year to our beautiful baby boy), I found The Rad Dad Box and was sold. What a perfect idea! Men can be hard to shop for, and this was just what I was looking for (but didn't know it until I found it!) A heartfelt blend of things for Dad, Baby, and the two to share together. I subscribed to the Deluxe option (absolutely worth it!) and my husband was so touched by the idea, and loves the special gifts each month that add to the bonding time with our son. Not to mention that all the items are very unique - and nothing we've ever seen on the shelves before. Additionally, in a time where customer service is nearly obsolete (and online service practically nil), you're dealing with a family who take the time to email you personally, get some basic details on your child (to help ensure a fitting box!) and check in to make sure you're satisfied. There's a clear hands-on approach that is the icing on the cake with this. I'd recommend this to anyone looking for a gift for a new dad - absolutely fantastic! (And of course, Mom here enjoys the box, too!)

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