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Great for certain artists!

ArtSnacks on Jul 2020

I really like ArtSnacks; they do a great job with presentation, the products are always high quality and great for their intended uses. I've gotten a couple items that I absolutely adore, and it's broadened my art horizons
That said, as someone primarily interested in painting, ArtSnacks isn't tailored toward me. Most of the items I've gotten have been drawing tools - pencils/pens/markers. Like I said, they're amazing items, top quality, but they don't all help a painter.
This isn't a criticism of ArtSnacks. They provide amazing stuff. But it's worth knowing the parameters. If you want world class drawing supplies with the occasional other medium thrown in, this is the box for you. If you want something specialized to another medium, you might not get what you're looking for here.

Good deal; would like more info in box

House Plant Box on Sep 2018

I received my first plant this past week. It wasn't in amazing condition, but I didn't expect it to be, because it was shipped, so that wasn't a problem.
However, it started wilting almost immediately. A little trial and error later and I realized the pot it was shipped in was too small for the roots. I transferred it to a bigger planter and it's thriving.
All it would take to earn a 5 star review is a little more info in the box explaining some things like that; assume the buyer knows next to nothing about plant care and instruct accordingly.
Very happy overall, but that would make this even better.

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