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one-trick pony!

Art Crate on Oct 2019

I really wanted this to be what I imagined this! While this was great for a couple of months, after that it seems to be stale or recycled of the rejected ones. I would either skip months, pick out items for gifts (which I barely gave) or just pick the best of what was offered after getting a new pick to get over the process and see if there were something new in the next month. Unfortunately this didn't come. As many times I skipped months, tried getting new offerings, showing pictures of what I liked by descriptions of store esthetics, pictures, color combos or instagram. This didn't help. After a while, I was frustrated. I cancelled my box subscription multiple times, and they kept charging me and without a curation, they ignored my numerous emails on getting art or a refund, stopped email me pictures and never sent me art. As I said I enjoy some of the art, overall what a waste of money. You will settle or overpay in my case with nothing to see. Go find a local artist, or indie store. You'll know who it's going to and appreciate it more in the long run.

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