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Rose War Panty Power on Jul 2020

I just got my first box from RWPP a few days ago. You can custom if you want pads, tampons, or both.You get 2 pairs of underwear of your choice and 14 sanitary products in each monthly box. I am happy with the protection I get from using the deodorant so much after only 2 days I ordered 2 more from the company’s website. I love the underwear in this months box. Both pairs of underwear are flowery prints. 1 pair is soft no show underwear with a white background with brown flower print. The other pair is a nude/beige colour in all lace with a flower print. I am excited to try organic pads for the first time.
The 2 snacks I got are 1 square of Ghirardelli dark chocolate with strawberry filling. I am saving it since I have never seen that flavour before and think I will like it a lot and won’t be able to find it. Chocolate and strawberry is so valentines, so perfect for February’s box. The over snack I got was 2 small packages with 2 cookies each it’s a Korean butter cookie. It was nice to have something I may have not tried if I didn’t get it in this box. I also got a sample size of highlighting powder with mini brush from the face (bar) cosmetic company.
I recommend this box for women of all ages that have gotten their period and want to use natural/organic products in there...

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I would totally recommend this box

Rose War Panty Power on Jul 2020

I have been receiving Rose War Panty Power (RWPP) for the past 3 months now. My third box hasn’t gotten here yet, but I can’t wait to see what I get. The boxes ship out on, around the 24 of the month. I can’t begin to say wniyght about this time of the month, pampering box. It’s great I was looking for something to feel good when I am on my period so I came across RWPP. It come with organic, natural sanitary products and pampering natural makeup and lifestyle items. This box also comes with 2 pairs of Maurer chemical free underwear in each box. Who dosen’t love getting new underwear, it’s also really cute so you can save it till after your time of the month. As well as 1-3 all natural, chemical free snacks. Each box is customizable to your panty size, if you want thongs, no thongs or a mix of both. Also you can pick your sanitary products. You can pick all pads, no pads or both. Each months comes in a secrets box in the mail. There is a nice card in each box and tissue paper lining the box with all of the goodies inside. You won’t know exactly what you get till you open the box. If you have them on Facebook or Instagram you will get sneakpeaks. I am really happy with this monthly period box.
I also usually get it just before my period starts witch is great....

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