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Worst Experience and Purchase Ever

Deep Woods Coven on Aug 2019

This is a total joke! There is nothing ancient or authentic about any of this. I wish I received the boxes spoken about from above! But I am willing to bet those reviews are totally fake! I was billed every week, did NOT get a box...I got an envelope with 2 feathers, 1 incense stick, a note, half done spell card, a pinch of rosemary, molded rose petal, and for the love of all things witchy....a teaspoon of regular table salt! You don't use table salt!!! I paid $23.02 for some kitchen cabinet scraps!!! The glue didn't even hold up on the spell card it was all in pieces! Worst experience ever! And NOBODY EVER GETS BACK TO YOU PERIOD! Y'all should be ashamed of yourselves for such false advertising! Clearly you are lacking the ancient knowledge of which you speak!! Table salt!!!! Uhg!

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