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First Box

SeaCrate on Jun 2021

Just received my first box. I'm not sure the value is there. I adored the air plant octopus, but the other items were very cheap & low value. A re-useable grocery bag, that was made of very poor quality material (Dollar Store?). The pictures a lovely, Give it another month.

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Like the idea, not the execution

Unboxing the Bizarre on May 2021

I received two boxes and both boxes had themes that were of just no interest to me (The Beatles and UFO/Alien Abductions). I ended up donating all the items, they were of no use or interest to me. May be of for some people, just not me.

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Never Sent My Selected Genres

Used Books Monthly on Aug 2018

I like the idea of this box but they did not execute it. I never received the genres I signed up for, even after e-mailing them and specifically asking them to stop sending me memoirs every month. Each month for 6 straight month (stupidly I prepaid); I got a box of 4 memoirs, bio/autobiographies--- I would never read. A lot of Nazi Germany memoirs, several D List Celebs (20 yr old memoir by Joan Rivers anyone?), memoir of a house carpenter who lost his job during the recession.
The most interesting book I, the one and only non-memoir was a dirty, yellow-stained, ripped copy of a book on the history of Bra's and the woman who wear them, including illustrations. I can almost bet you that a MAN runs this box, due to the books I received. The curation is sadly just no there. Disappointing.

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Prepare for the Swear

Smartass and Sass on Aug 2018

So many of the items I can never wear in public or in front of my children--- way to many swear words. I do love the sense of humor. I'm not sure always about their choice of products in their curation, last month I got a pencil pouch. Not a lot of use for that any more, and it did not have a slogan on it that I could pass on to a child.

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