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HopeBox - Care for Your Body, Heart, & Soul on Jun 2018

I ordered this box because I'm grieving for my young daughter. They did send it quickly but when I got the box it was mostly knick knacks and a bunch of different cards and a book that looks like it was for a young child to read and a cheap necklace and a cheap bracelet and the candle was okay and the socks were too small it look like it was a box for a child not a grieving mother I don't recommend this box especially for the money. EDIT: Didn't care for the box. I did one review already and they wrote me and asked me if I would please revise it. They said that the women that spend an hour on the necklace made of broken china would be heartbroken. As far as the necklace goes. I had someone look at it that makes homemade jewelry and they said it look stamped and ceramic that the chain was not good quality. But you should try it and judge for yourself I suppose. Maybe she was wrong and isn't familiar with broken china. I did think the necklace was very pretty. I also like the candle.But I tried on that necklace and wore it for about 15 minutes and it I got a itchy rash on the back of my neck because I'm allergic to nickel.A lot of people seem to like this box but I didn't like it personally. I don't understand the whole bee theme. It wasn't...

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