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Meh box

Unplugged Book Box on Mar 2019

I got the March YA box, themed bloom where you are planted. First the good, the book was good. I would have never heard about it otherwise probably. It wasn't spectacular but it wasn't horrible and I read the whole thing, which is saying something for a subscription service. The bookmark was also just okay. I like the idea of the elastic bookmark, but the flower looks cheap. I also like magnetic bookmarks better. I am mildly crafty and it looks like something I made. Everything else, the soap, the bathbomb (maybe it was a shower deal) and the bath salts were very underwhelming. The bath salts had like some pieces of flowers in it and they made my bathwater look dirty (I had to clean my tub afterwards even though I just cleaned it). The soap left my skin really dry and I don't like the smell. I'm not even sure about the bathbomb/shower steamer thing. It didn't smell like anything. Oh yeah there was horrible smelling perfume in the box too. I was really excited because of reviews and then really disappointed. It's an okay box and since the book was the best part, I'll just look for unboxing videos and get the book at the library.

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