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What a box!

Planet Post on Nov 2021

I got my first power post box, and WOW! Full of green goodies and fun. Mine had reusable beeswax wrap, to use instead of cling wrap or tinfoil, colored pencils made from newspapers, pens made from plastic bottles, as well as recycled paper postcard, stamps, and addresses. I think my favorite thing in the box was a special type of berry, that when put in a washing machine, would create a kind of soap. They're compostable, and 5 berries can be used for ten washes! The topic of the box changes every month. This month's topic was to ban styrofoam. My friends and I had a great time writing and decorating the cards, as well as learning a lot about how bad styrofoam is for the environment. I don't think I'll ever eat at McDonald's again. They use way too much styrofoam on soda cups. Goodbye, McNuggets.

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