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Happiness in a box 😍

GeekGear on Mar 2019

I have been getting Geek Gear boxes for over a year now.
Also tried other subscription boxes but not found them to be as good. I've always subscribe to the regular wizardry box and I've ALWAYS been happy with that. I got the wearable when I was in need to t-shirts. Amazing what u get. Well worth the price. U can find great deals in the shop and I have bought different extra boxes, they are great when u want to buy gifts for someone cause u get so much, always good quality and the customer service... Omg! The Best!!!! I do try out other boxes at times with a different niche, no-one! As such good customer service. And when it comes to potter boxes.. if i want to find something more then I get in my wizardry geek gear box, all I need to do is look at the shop on there website and that way I still got the good quality and I can be sure that I get a wonderful box. Thankyou Geek Gear ❤

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