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My kind of RPG crate

Mythoard on Apr 2022

I have been a subscriber since the first box ( Jan 2015) and have yet to have one that disappointed me. There is occasionally dice or a miniature, but there is always books. They vary from modules, magazines, and go up to full rulebooks. There is always a one-page exclusive mini-adventure/setting, which are always handy on short prep time. The items included are things that I did not realize I needed until they were in my hand. My one-year renewal is ready to activate, and I know I will not be disappointed.

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So far 50/50 for me

Dungeon Crate™ on Jun 2018

I subscribed when Dungeoncrate went active and it has been average for me. I loved the 2d figures from the 1st box and the Advanced Deployment plastic items (including the dice tower). My main gripe is the load of miniatures that seem to be dominating the crate. My group uses our imagination instead of miniature setups. There has only been 2 adventures in 6 crates. The coin in every crate does nothing for me.
As of right now, I am on the fence about keeping this one. If you like a visual game, I would say jump on board. For a more mind's eye style, this may not be for you. With all the miniatures they are adding, maybe a crate with paints and brushes would be a good choice to have in the near future.

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