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Katie M.

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Crystals, Gemstones and Jewels on Apr 2022

This is my favorite crystal box that I’ve received so far. The best quality crystals (and that’s the main reason I subscribe). The jewelry was not my taste and I could have done without the mini grid. A bigger grid on paper would have been better. But that’s just my opinion. You can’t love everything in every box. I unsubscribed, but only because I saw that they had a new website and I wanted to support them there. I can’t wait to get my next box. Also I’ve had many people ask me for a discount code or referral program. Y’all ready rock!

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5 stars for the Premium Box

Magickal Earth on Nov 2021

I found this box to be absolutely fabulous! The candle smelled so good, the pink tourmaline is something I’ve had my eye on for a while so I was so happy to see that. I’ve used everything that came in my box and I can’t wait for this month. I highly recommend this one. It quickly moved into my top 5 boxes. And I’ve tried a lot of boxes similar to this. High quality! This is one of those boxes that is an experience opening it! The astrology is great. I’ll find a picture to put up soon.

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On point

Enchanted Crystal on Sep 2021

I was honestly not expecting it to be this awesome for the price. I loved my rainbow florite wand. It has barely left my side since I got it. Great for meditation. I highly recomend this!

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Enchanted Crystal on Sep 2021

I really loved opening this! The rainbow fluorite wand is a wonderful addition to add to my sacred space. This was my first time getting this package and I was pleasantly surprised. Looking forward to next month. Thanks!

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November bag

Una Spirit Medicine Bundles on Jun 2021

So first let me say how much I loved everything that was written on the info sheet because it really lets you know how much love is put into these bags. I am a subscription addict and I have been using crystals as part of my everyday “routine” for quite some time, but I’m definitely no expert. So with that said, I’ve been using my spray and pink calcite with intent before and my daily meditation (Thank you insight timer). And I’m a snob when it comes to wearing crystals, I almost always give away the jewelry in crystal subscription boxes. With that said, OMGosh the prehnite and rose quarts talisman in gorgeous!!! And I usually never even wear silver. I prefer gold or bronze 😉. I’m actually wearing it right now. So let’s talk about the actual bags, holy smokes there is so much love put into these! Right now my bag has a nice piece of ocean jasper in it that I keep in my purse. This whole experience just totally exceeded my expectations! And I read how some of your cards were a little rough housed by the mail, And mine was too but I chalked that up to “shit happens”. It definitely didn’t ruin my experience. I don’t know what previous months have been like but I...

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My Garden Box on Jun 2021

If my previous boxes had been this great, I would have never canceled.

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No box

Hoppi Box on Jun 2021

I never got a box.

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