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The Witches Moon® on Jun 2021

Overall, I was happy with the contents of the box. The artwork and candles were beautiful and I loved the dried herbs. The crystals, especially the fluorite, was absolutely beautiful. I was surprised by the amount of items included. However, I cannot give a full five stars for a couple of reasons. I cannot use extremely strong scents due to allergies, so I had to give the rope incense away. I would expect a box like this to include more natural incense. I will also be giving the oracle deck away, which is extremely disappointing as I was excited to receive a full deck. I know it is difficult to pick a deck that everyone will love, but I did not feel this oracle fit with the theme and vibe of the box. Several of the cards featured archangels and I don't vibe with Christian imagery. I feel there are so many other oracles in that price range that would have been a better choice. In my opinion, the previous decks included in the boxes (from what I can see through pictures) were better chosen. But, overall, I am impressed with the box and I am interested in giving it another try so I will let the subscription renew another month.

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Unpleased with box value

The Summer Series by Magickal Folk on Mar 2021

I received the April small combination kit as my first subscription with this particular box. I recently ordered another similar box on Cratejoy which was a great value; that one I will be keeping. Unfortunately, I will be cancelling this subscription as I felt it was not on the same level. There were multiple typos in the enclosed texts and the enclosed meditation was hard to enjoy as someone who does not worship deities. I liked the oil; it smells very natural. The candles, on the other hand, have an extremely strong fake-perfume odor which permeated throughout the entire box. The tiger's eye quartz were nice, but nothing you couldn't find for a very small price at your local craft store. These are just my personal opinions, but I would not recommend this box to others.

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