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Great box, little rough on the edges

Creation Crate on Jun 2018

This is a great deal for the aspiring maker, especially as a light hobbiest. There's a bit of self-work needed to get going though. I had issues getting my system to recognize the Arduino provided which kept the guide from being helpful. I didn't realize I had a hardware configuration error until I had given up on the first build. I gave it a second try on day two and this time went off on my own to find a simple "blink the lights" tutorial first. In that guide I realized my hardware wasn't communicating to my computer and everything was a breeze from there.

As others have mentioned, support is a little thin. I went to the website hoping to find a forum community of users who would be able to share their difficulties and successes, but no such forum exists. If you give up easily, you might want to pass on this one.

Excellent box with some rough edges

Creation Crate on Jun 2018

I loved putting together my first arduino project, the mood lamp. It was a great introduction to the hardware and software, but it wasn't painless. I had issues configuring my Arduino Uno to be recognized on my system and there was no clear path to go for help. There seems to be no community forum where learners can collaborate, which would be a big help.

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