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Beyond #allthefeels for the dog & me box

The Ellie Mae Box on Jun 2018

I feel I should start off with the fact that I'm not a girl girl. I'm active and rarely wear makeup - I will not get healthcare products I wont use, but I like to try new things. I'm often skeptical of healthcare boxes because of how varied people are in tastes and types, but I have wanted to find one for a long time so I could safely and confidently try new products. I found this box through instagram engaging on my dog account. I was offered a discount to give it a try. - I jumped all the way by getting 6 months.

I was immediately impressed with the info we were asked for and knew I would be getting items that at least had a shot of matching my skin tone, comfort, and weren't just the standard generic dog items. Well I was impressed before we even got our box because they contacted me for more info to make sure products would fit my dog. Then I just couldn't wait. I knew at least the dog stuff would work out.

Well our box arrived - if you want to see our first box go on instagram an look for @sundogtamaskan (it was a feb. 2018 post). The box was beautiful.
On the items themselves. I live in the US, but used to live in Alaska and got very accustom to buying Alaska made and Canadian made items. This box was a trendy reminder of home. All the products for...

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