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Not worth the price

Crystals, Gemstones and Jewels on Apr 2022

Hi guys,
I am really sorry to do this but I subscribe to both the VIP and the Woo box. This month, neither were worth their price. As a Florida resident, the woo box came with a skirt wrap, 2 standard sea shells, a mini-bottle of sea shells and a plastic flowered lei and hair clip that I can buy at the dollar store. It even had a tiny plastic surf board and drink umbrellas... yes, the keychain said it was made in Hawaii but it looks like any trinket that I could get in Key West. I appereciate the plant, and the salt candle holder but the whole box is not worth $33 a month.
The VIP box had items to build a fairy terrarium. Between the string lights that are to be placed into the jar of bath salts, miniature 2in fairy statue, the dirt/rocks, and variety/rarity/and size of crystals provided this is NOT worth $99 a month! Oh and another plastic flower hair clip. I hope next month is better :(

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First impressions

Enchanted Crystal on Sep 2021

This is my first box and I have to say, I am impressed!
The crystals, gems and stones are wonderful and vary in sizes from a small 1.5 inch rare crystal, to a large palm sized amythest.
The ONLY thing that would have really set this box over the top was to have a monthly sheet included that spoke about each of the included items. I would love to know more about the unique properties of each item including anything that might be unique to where they are located (energies for example).
Totally would recommend! Can’t wait for my next box!

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The Witches Moon® on Jun 2021

This is my second box and I have to say, this is fabulous. Such a worthwhile subscription. Would deff recommend to any and all.

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Sea Witch

SugarMuses® on Jul 2018

Just got my first box and I am very impressed! Immediately reached out to my friend (not a subscriber) who identifies and a Sea Witch and shared with her what I got in the box! Very excited to continue with my subscription. Thank you for putting this together in such a creative way. 👍

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