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It's a scam

GeekGear on Mar 2019

Horrible company. So this last November, I decided to order 2 of the festive boxes for my sister and myself for Christmas. By 12/20 they still hadn't shown so I emailed them.

A support rep responded. They obviously didn't read my whole email as I clearly stated that I never recieved an order number, but their 1st email to me asked for the order number....

I then found the paypal invoice information and sent that instead.

Then, I received one of the missing boxes. I immediately messaged them and let them know that I was now only missing one box.

They write back 1 to 2 weeks later asking for me to send a picture of the box received as proof. It was a Christmas gift. Of course the box was no longer in my possession.

So about a month later they write saying that they confirmed the weight of the package and can prove that I recieved 2 boxes.

That's complete BS because one, I didn't receive 2 boxes, and two, I can't confirm that myself as I have no way of knowing the weight of 2 boxes!

They were also very rude and condescending. The rep kept using all caps like I was unable to understand them when they clearly weren't understanding me.

They refuse to issue a refund, refuse to provide physical evidence and refuse to give me contact information.

I asked to speak to someone else and they stated that they can "confirm" that they are in management. The rep uses that...

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