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Not worth it

Scribbler on Jun 2018

I bought 6 months of this subscription to try it out. I hate it. Literally the best thing about it is the box it comes in, because the box is cute and the right size for shipping books. What comes inside is a YA book (Whyyyyy is it always YA???) and some office supplies. I've seen way cuter office stuff at Staples, so I don't know where they're getting it. This month, the office supply was (wait for it...) a Bic pen. They also give out some "inside" information, which is the same stuff you can find online at authors' blogs and agents' websites. They offer "agent chats" on youtube, but don't waste your time. All they do is lob softball questions at the agent, who answers them in the most generic way possible. But hey, I guess I got six months of useful cardboard boxes out of it.

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