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Save your money, do not buy!

The Bestie Box on Feb 2021

This is THE WORST thing I have ever ordered online. I usually don't leave negative reviews because I can usually find something I like about the product. Not with this. I have never been more disappointed with an online purchase in my life. My best friend and I decided to order boxes for each other. I ordered the Bestie Box Lite and it was $44 with shipping. My friend went to order mine the next day (less than 24 hours) and she also ordered the Bestie Box Lite and it cost her $54 with shipping. How does the price change $10 in one day? It already reeked of scam. The day comes, and our boxes arrive. We face-timed each other to do an unboxing, only to be met with UTTER disappointment. The value of our boxes was probably $10 or less. Everything was probably purchased at the dollar tree and then was thrown into a crumpled box. There was a facial mask that had the price printed on it $1.25 (probably the only good thing in the box). There was a tree car freshener that smelled like bubblegum armpits. There was a face mask that felt like it was made of foam and it smelled like plastic chemicals. I could not put that on my face. We also got some unscented hand sanitizer (at least that didn't smell) and a pack of post-it's that were unglued when I opened them. I could get better quality ones in the dollar section...

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