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Delays and Low Value

Once Upon a Book Club on Nov 2020

I was really hoping to love this subscription, and I do think that it is clever and am excited to open up the box, but I have been disappointed by their shipping delays and the value of the gifts. I've been subscribed for 4 months, and 2 of those months have had shipping delays due to issues in their supply chain. Every month I have been billed for the next box before receiving the current month's box.
The subscription is pricey and while some people may like the gifts, I'm not a huge fan of a lot of them - we've received a single spoon, a necklace with a giant 'R' on it for a character which most people can't wear, admittedly a nice branded purse, charging cable, notebook, broken branded lipstick, cheap bluetooth headphones, etc. There is typically one nice gift per box but it does not make up for the shipping frustrations or how cheap/wasteful the other gifts are

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