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Definitely get your moneys worth

Chakra Box on Jul 2020

I was surprised and pleased with how lovely everything that was included is- they weren't just things packed in to make you feel like you got a lot of stuff. All of the stones and the gem cluster are really pretty, and I definitely loved the Tiger's Eye bracelet. This was a well thought out and carefully packaged box of goodies that I thoroughly enjoyed unboxing one piece at a time. Also, the visualization meditation that they included is a really cool idea that I'm pretty psyched to try. Zero complaints at all.

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Tamed Wild Box on May 2019

I genuinely enjoyed this box. It was very cohesive and everything that was included had a great vibe. I like that it all fits into a ritual that they provide for you but it's easy to adapt if you're feelin it a different way, and the succulent is the cutest thing ever. Excellent value for the money, and a great overall package, I'd totally recommend it

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Never less than 5 star worthy

The Witches Moon® on Feb 2019

I cannot recommend this subscription highly enough. The scents and stones are always a delight, and every month there is a handcrafted piece de resistance centered on the month's theme that is almost worth the cost of the box by itself.

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Always a delight

The Witches Moon® on Jan 2019

I believe I've left a 5 star review for each shipment I've received, and cannot praise highly enough each theme and each piece included. For this month, I'll just say that the Witches Moon has given me a new love and appreciation for rough stones. Over the past month I've gotten a large chunk of smoky quartz that's become my go-to meditation stone, a beautiful amethyst point, and then this month there was a knockout piece of raw jude that is exceptionally lovely. Keep em comin.. ... .

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October was beyond

The Witches Moon® on Oct 2018

Four months into this subscription and each one has been truly enjoyable, but October was amazing. I'll freely admit that I felt like a little kid when I realized that I was pulling a wand out of the box, and it's a beautiful piece of work with a sweet suede sheath. Can't recommend this subscription highly enough.

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Genuinely beautiful & thought provoking

The Witches Moon® on Sep 2018

This is my third box and I'm very happy that I chose to cancel some other subs to continue with this one. I have enjoyed every theme that the boxes have been based around, and every piece that has been included. The stone in particular this month was a very impressively sized chunk of smoky quartz that I really love. What I appreciate the most about this sub is how coherent it is- everything that's included is well explained and connected (there are no filler items thrown in to round it out like many others), and while you receive candles and incense, oils and salts, that you use until they're gone, you also end up with things like a beautifully illustrated Oracle Deck or silkily gorgeous mala beads or (my favorite) a goddess statue that's the perfect addition to your altar

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Cannot recommend highly enough

SugarMuses® on Aug 2018

I've received 5 of Kristi's Deluxe Muse boxes so far, and have not been disappointed with a single thing. From beautiful stones to the excellent smelling sprays, incense, candles and ritual salts, there isn't a single thing that I haven't used. The 'extras' that have been included, a lovely hand-crafted crescent moon dreamcatcher, a triple moon offering dish, a really cool chalice, have all been welcome additions to my collection. The book that was included for August was a surprise, but a pleasant one as it's very interesting and the illustrations are fantastic. A fantastic company, through and through.

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The Witches Moon® on Aug 2018

The first box that I got was supposed to be my only one. Then I got it, and said okay, just one more. Then I got the second one yesterday and I will be cancelling a different (similar) subscription that I genuinely love because this is the one that I need to keep. The whole vibe of the themes that they put together is deep and searching; it's not just here's some stuff, do a ritual. It's here's an idea, here's something that you can really delve into and think about, and here are a collection of very cool items that can help you focus. The Come to Me spray that was included smells legit divine, the Goddess statue is just awesome, and I am 100% as impressed with my second box as I was with my first.

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Box of Shadows on Jul 2018

I don't really like to write negative reviews, but I appreciate when people are honest about things so others can take it into account, and also so that maybe the vendors can take it into account. That being said, I subscribed to the highest tier box and just didn't find a connection to anything that was in there. It didn't feel like a cohesive collection; I saw what they were going for, but, for the June box at least, I didn't feel that for the cost that it hit the mark at all as regards the products included.

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Lotus Box on Jun 2018

I got my first box a few days ago, and so far I'm very happy with it. I've already used the bath bomb, and the scented candle, tried one of the teas. This weekend I'll be pampering myself with the face mask and a mani/pedi with the really pretty teal nail polish. The earrings that came with were nothing I would have thought to buy for myself, but they're very cute and I got numerous compliments when I wore them. Customer service is super prompt and helpful. The only reason it's 4 instead of 5 stars is because the snack I got had almonds in it and, while my co-worker said it was delicious, I'm allergic. Customer service said that they are working on offering a box with allergy specifics, but in the meantime did say that she will note my account and try to accommodate. Would absolutely recommend this box.

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