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Broken Hearted

7SkyesofFire on Mar 2020

I placed an order and paid $25 total with shipping. 6 days later I received an email station that my order was cancelled with no explanation as to why and most importantly, nothing in regards to a refund. I checked my PayPal account and no refund was in my account. I then checked my “pending transactions” on my PayPal acct. (which will show me all pending refunds that haven’t been processed yet) and unfortunately, for me, there was no pending refund there either. I emailed the seller and writhing 5 min she responded informing me that my refund was sent the day before she cancelled my order. PayPal issue or seller issue. Time will tell.
Overall, anxiously waiting for a box that you can’t contain your excitement for to the point you check multiple times daily to see if it has been shipped yet for 6 long days in a row to open one saying “The seller has cancelled your order.” I am let down more than anything and now will begin my search for my next hopeful spell box. Fingers crossed.

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