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Just got my first bag - LOVE IT

Magickal Folk on Jun 2018

I got the Meditation kit which is $10 ($7 + $3 shipping) and I couldn't be happier! It totally lived up to my expectations. It came in a silver bag with bubble-wrap inside and everything but the card was in one of those gauzy drawstring goodie bags.
I got TWO fair-sized botswana agate stones (roughly 1 inch wide), copal resin incense, and a candle that smells so sweet (but in a natural way, not a fakey overpowering artificial scent). The bag of resin is about 3/4 full and the bag itself is about the size of my hand, and the tea light candle is in a glass container instead of cheap metal like most.
Super happy with this bag and I can't wait to see what next months items will be. Definitely worth the price, if I had bought the same items locally it would of been about $15-$20 instead of $10 including shipping. If I'm not happy with what I get in the following orders I'll update my review, but if I don't just assume that I'm happy with all of them!

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Good some

Magickal Folk on Jun 2018

I get the meditation kit. This month (May) I got an herbal/flower mix packet, a small andalusite and a blue lace agate stone. The presentation is nice but I feel like the "incense" part of the package is always a waste that I won't use (Last month I got rose petals, the month before a small packet of powder incense, I've never gotten sticks or cones), and that the two stones I get every month combined aren't worth the $10 I pay because they're often small and pretty common. I live in Hawaii where stones are often much more expensive because of shipping and if I were to buy the same two stones I got this month at a local store they'd be around $6 together, and probably cheaper on the mainland.
I enjoy the surprise but every month I feel uncertain on whether or not I want to continue my subscription.

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