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Pretty Good

Pipsticks on Oct 2020

I've been subscribed for about 2 years. I feel like it's overpriced but it's fun. The packs you can buy on the website are waaaaay overpriced. They're a huge rip off. Their website is absolutely HORRIBLE to use. They have to be making a ton of money because everything is so expensive. They even opened a store. So I'm not sure why the website can't be improved. I've sent emails before but I'm always told it's something on my end, even though I've tried on my phone, my computer, and another computer at work. It's just a crummy system. My month-to-month delivery "expired" for some reason with no notice so I missed a month. I don't understand how month to month can expire but it did, I was bummed. I love the surprise every month so I keep it despite the price. I just wish they'd put some work into improving the website.

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