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Box of Shadows on Oct 2021

I’ve never written a review & I’m not one to complain at all but I just received my order & not very happy. First, this month seemed to be geared towards men which is great but I’m not a man. The book is “Sacred Paths for Modern Men” & even in the introduction the author states how frustrated he’s become by constantly being referred to as a woman. It was ironic given my situation w receiving the book for men. I don’t even have anyone I can give the book as a gift. Second, they give 1 small cedar smoke cleansing bundle & 3 different rituals that can be done. At least 1 more bundle might have helped. I will say the bracelet is really nice along w the cedar soap but again it’s very masculine. I loved the Strawberry moon candle but it’s only 2oz. Given it’s the summer solstice I was hoping for things to celebrate that & it’s my birthday. Just not expecting a masculine box & didn’t see it adding up to what’s i paid. Sorry.

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