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Swinger was a MISS!!!

Swinger Box on Jul 2020

Do NOT buy as a gift!!!
I purchased the box thinking I was going to get my husband a subscription box with unique items. The box came with The making of Caddyshack BOOK, golf tees, 6 no name golf balls, and a glove... nothing special, nothing unique...all items could be grabbed at the checkout of any sports store or be found in TJ Maxx... even Walmart. I requested a refund and they gave a twenty dollar credit like I would purchase anything else...
I have seen the cost of golf shirts, shoes, balls and whole nine... as I stated my husband is an avid golfer. I thought this would be a unique gift providing some things that would be special. It was NOT. Furthermore, my invoice for one box was OVER $60 and in the response I got was “ but all that for $50 is pretty amazing deal as shipping cost us $10 per box but we do not charge for it at checkout.”
based on that response alone it appears to me I was overcharged and Swinger under delivered. It certainly was not an amazing deal as touted in the reply.
I am beyond disappointed (as was my husband) and the $20 credit is pointless as there is NO way I would purchase anything else from this company.

This is the email the company sent me so I better make a correction... the no named products they sent were in fact named swinger so it does have a name and a...

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