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Nice but overpriced.

OuiPlease Box on Sep 2018

I was REALLY looking forward to this one! Honestly, I would have liked it fine (not amazing, but fine) if it cost $50 or $60 per box. But for $150??? Nope. The August box contained a cheap fabric “purse” that looks more machu pichu than Paris, some wire earrings, and a few lotions made up the bulk of the box. If I’d wanted a skincare box, that’s what I would’ve ordered. No candle or perfume or herbs or anything that made me wistful of summers in Provence. I’m cancelling this, I wish I had a better idea of what I’d be getting. The packaging was beautiful, though. And again, if it was about half the cost I wouldn’t feel quite so bitter about it.

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Fine if you don't enjoy shopping...

Her Fit Club on Jun 2018

The box was as described, but too many bath bombs (two in a row!! And while I did fill out the questionnaire, the items really weren't to my taste-bras in this last one weren't "sexy" and are a little ill fitting. I received two boxes and while I'm sure I'll use the items, they're not my favorite and I can probably do better myself.

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Boho Berry Box on Jun 2018

Selling itself. So much hype and it keeps selling out. I liked the pen, but the Washi tape was not interesting or pretty and the inserts were a half a step up from a printable. The post it’s are cute but don’t stick.
All in all I’ll guve them one more shot but super disappointing.

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Cancelling this subscription

Boho Berry Box on Jun 2018

I gave it a shot, but this one is overhyped and not worth the money. Someone needs to explain to me why I need a Boho Berry Tribe patch. Am I supposed to sew it onto my Girl Scout uniform or parade it around on my jean jacket? Yeah, no. I was looking for sweet planning items, and for the money I got 3 pens and some printed labels that I'm pretty sure are available as free downloads. I hope they step up their game, but I'm out.

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