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Great Customer Service!

Jewelry Subscription on Jul 2018

Even though the jewelry was not my style and didn’t fit me right, I’m still giving this seller 5 stars. She was very polite in response to the issues I emailed about and gave a full refund, without me even asking. Customer service is top notch!

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Poor attention to detail

Scarlet Spice Box on Jun 2018

They didn't listen to me and have poor customer service. The initial survey for the box asks what they shouldn't put on the box. The item that I told them I didn't want, they put in the box. Additionally, they sent a list of box contents and two items were missing. The value of the items versus what I paid ($40) was no value at all. The mailing label was created on the 7th (per their shipping policy), but not given to the carrier until the 11th, leaving only a day between when the box arrived and when my card was to be charged again. When I messaged the seller that I was disappointed that they didn't pay attention to my survey and missed two items that were on the packing list (at the time of cancellation), they sent back an email saying that we're sorry for the oversight and wished they could've corrected the issue, had they been given a chance. In my opinion, it's never to late to offer a refund or correct mistakes, even if the customer chooses not to spend more money with you. Would not recommend!

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Worth the price!

The Witches Moon® on Jun 2018

I was skeptical when I bought my first box and thought the $54 seemed a bit much, but sense it has such great reviews, I thought I'd give it a try (and planned to cancel after my first box). I was blown away as the quality of the products. Now I see why this box frequently sells out. The oils and incense smell amazing! The artwork is gorgeous! I'm awaiting my 3rd box now and can't bring myself to cancel. The boxes are packaged with care and the themes so far have been very well put together. The value seems well over the $54 price point (that is with shipping included). Of all the subscription boxes I've received, this one has to be my favorite! Thank you so much Witches Moon Box! I appreciate the love and care you've put into these boxes and can't wait to get my next one.

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Great for a splurge

The Lingerie Box on Jun 2018

The bra and panty set I received were black and lacy. Very sexy, but also very thin. I usually wear bras with a little more padding, to prevent visible high-beams, haha. So, I would never wear this set out of the house, but it is sexy for a long night in. Not bad for a one time purchase (especially with the 50% off coupon!), but it's not something I'd get every month. I was hoping for a little more luxurious, soft fabric and some padding in the bra, but for $25 I can't complain too much. The quality was good for the price.

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