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Fun subscription!

Urban Organic Gardener on Jun 2018

This monthly subscription includes everything you need to start growing your own vegetables. You just answer a few questions to help them narrow down what kind of gardener you are, what kind of space you have available, etc. so they can send you the gardening supplies specific to your situation. They pick which plants to send you which is good because you end up with something that will grow in your area and you end up trying things that you might not ordinarily pick to grow. Everything you need is sent in one envelope and these are no left overs from last season seeds, everything is fresh, good quality and you get a lot of different seeds, not the same things over and over. This subscription would make a perfect gift for a wide variety of people from gardeners with some experience with maybe limited space to a wanna-be gardeners that just lack the know how, confidence and aren’t really sure where to start. I think it would be appropriate for a wide age range, the instructions are easy enough to follow for anyone I would say age 12 and up, it’s that easy. Plus the seeds are organic, with the price of organic vegetables and fruits being so high, you can easily save more money growing your own than the price of the subscription. For me, I enjoy spending quality time with my preteen daughter planting and watering. I also have found out that she enjoys trying different vegetables...

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