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good stuff.

SpandexBox on Jan 2019

i love it!!!!! very pretty fits well, i will buy again just not every monthly.

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out of this world.

Kids BookCase Club on Dec 2018

The books are , wonderful you get way more than what you
pay for. i love them, lets see what my step-son have to say.

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loving it.

TeeBlox on Nov 2018

I subscribe for my step-son, he loves it.
these t-shirts are fun and different , whats
best, you can always change to something new.
great job!!!!!!

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Box-of-Happies on Nov 2018

I didnt like this box, this is for children only,
please put this to the kids department. want my
money back.

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not happy

Enjoy Leggings on Jul 2018

This was horrible. same ugly yellow shades of colors.
never again. no fun!!!!!

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EarFleek on Jul 2018

words cant explain how much, i love this box,
they are so true to them words. so inexpensive, but they
never sent, garbage earrings. your my best friend.

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my Petal Club on Jul 2018

Hi love this box, pads are just wonderful!!! loving the extra stuff.

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