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Lovely box!

Hey Rocco - Monthly Letters From a Special Pen Pal on Jul 2020

Very fun, wrapped this up for a Christmas present for me toddler. She was SO excited reading Rocco’s story at bedtime. I can’t wait to see what adventure awaits them next month :)

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Best of Both Worlds!

Tamed Wild Box on Dec 2018

I LOVE that the Medicine + Ritual boxes were combined in this for Yule. Even though it’s not exclusively a Yule ritual, I’m looking forward to starting this on the New Moon.

Only gripe is I wish I could actually do this in my area as one of their Circle leaders and not just for my online community + coven. But I’m always a Tamed Wild advocate!!

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Not 100% Happy with Seller

Dice Envy on Jun 2018

So we got the $22 full set package right? Supposed to receive a full set of dice OR 6 D4s. I figured it’d be a fun birthday gift for my husband since he runs many DnD games.

Received 4 D4s and a D20. Pretty design and carving, but not the amount of what was described.

Also received a message inside the box saying “We can’t afford a full set this month, but since you’re our 200th sub we’d like you to advertise our box to your friends and family so we can afford to make full sets”.... so we’re paying for something that you can’t afford to keep up?

Sent a couple emails to the seller (with no response) to clarify what we received.

Happy with the quality of the dice, but not that it wasn’t as described. The letter asking to advertise wasn’t cool either.

If I get no response by the 10th, I’m unsubscribing. Easily can go to a local shop and get an actual full dice set + extras for less than the price. I’d understand more if we got an actual response from the seller.

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