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I love this crate!!!

Kindergarten Crate on Jan 2019

My mother signed me up for the pre-k crate as a gift for my first year teaching Transitional Kindergarten and not only do I love it but so do my students! In fact, I have one autistic student that is obsessed with one of the activities I received in one of the boxes. She doesn't communicate much but she frequently goes over to where I store the boxes, points to them, and repeats "leaves" over and over until I get them out for her, which is huge for her! And I couldn't be more thrilled with the box I just received because it is absolutely perfect for the unit we're getting ready to start. I love how everything in the box is hands on for the kids and really adds to and expands on what they're learning and makes it more fun.

Also, when it says that each box contains 5-8 items, that isn't really true. My current box contains 11 different items! And that isn't counting the individual pieces such as the 5 trays or 12 pieces of chalk. And they send you absolutely everything you need for each art project so you don't have to go looking for anything. Paint, paintbrushes, paper, chalk, you name it. It's all there!

Seriously, if you teach preschool-kindergarten, this crate is amazing. I can't recommend it enough!

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