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GeekGear on May 2019

Overall I would prefer items which are more “useable”. Useable items are bringing some HPmagic into dull grey everyday life. Eg I loved my shrunken head which is in my car, I didn’t even expect anything alike, so it was a great and good surprise. Also I make a good use of the HP themed shopping bag. My child is having a HP themed baby room so some item fit there also very well. But for instance liquid luck is....well ok, but also pretty much useless, not even standing on its own, etc.
I can’t really tell good examples, but basically everyday stuff you are having, using, but a bit enchanced with some magic if you get what I am saying.
So overall I am not saying either that boxes are not ok, or quality, but I am getting pretty much stuffed with too many useless things, so I migh consider stopping orders at some point, not to get absolutely overwhelmed.
Some feedback on some items:
Shirts: good quality, ok, ut overall very dark themed. I have only a few whiteish
Teas: good idea, problem is that it is summer and we are usually not drinking tea in summer. So I am afraid that they will loose their flavour until wintertime. This you should go seasonal
Prints: good ones, but way too many I have. I do not need them too much really.

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