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Amazing Box!!! Total worth it!

Spirit Trading Company on Jun 2021

I am not one to write reviews EVER so when I do it's me speaking my truth. I am a spiritual person, I’m not a religious person but I am a spiritual person. It is been a few years that I have been mostly spiritually closed off and probably emotionally closed off for a number reasons but I can say that I have wanted to open up my light gifts again that I had closed down/diminished/caused to be blocked a few years ago due to a fearful situation and among other reasons.
But since I have gotten this company's November 2018 box which admittedly I was a little, I can’t think of the word to best describe what I’m referring to, not skeptical not disbelieving but something on those lines...maybe denial; and as I was recording my YouTube video first look unboxing review on this box. Mind you I was a bit still in denial spiritually while I was recording my video but I was feeling the vibrations and energies from each item in the box. Denial is a heavy thing, it truly is.
I posted a picture of the box on my Instagram page (IG: jensglitterobsession. I am NOT indicating my IG user name to gain followers!! I am just indicating it for the sole reason of what I am about to describe) and how everything is set up in that picture in the box I have left that way and I have it sitting in my room. And I can’t...

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