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Barrel & Blade - Monthly Tactical Subscription Box on Jun 2018

I only purchased a single Level 1 box as a gift for my mother for her birthday. I bought it at the end of the month, days before they were due to ship boxes, so they had time to process it and ship it at the beginning of the next. It didn't ship until over a month after my purchase. Emails my mother and I sent to the seller weren't responded to for days. When my mother received it weeks after her birthday, she was disappointed by the content. 65 dollars isn't cheap, and my mother was so excited and flattered that I bought it for her, only to be let down. If emails had been answered w/in 24 hrs, I might have been less confused, and thus less angry. This might be a decent subscription, but first impressions matter, and if one box is adequate evidence to judge by... needless to say, I'm not buying this again.

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