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Great Gift of Vegan and Natural!

Sudzly on Jul 2019

Got this as a gift and it was perfect. I got two amazing bars of soap, 2 bath bombs, one of which had rose petals on it, a facial detox mask, some shower bombs, a large jar of body scrub, another large lotion jar, and a huge natural shower sponge. I Love this and am so happy to have received it as a gift! Got my second gift of Sudzly and can say they get natural items for their boxes from small mom and pop places all over the country. Natural and Vegan items are extremely expensive, and you get superb value for your money! I


Love my gift

Sudzly on Jun 2018

I received my Mothers day gift of the Spa Box early and WOW. It had 2 soaps, 2 big bath bombs, a shower steamer, a bath tea, a sugar scrub and a lip scrub! All natural items and organic. I estimate the value was $5.50 per certified organic soap, $7 per organic bomb, $4 for the shower steam thing, $4 for the bath tea, plus $2 for the linen bag, $6.00 for the 6 sugar scrub cubes and another $3 for the organic lip scrub. Total Value I think is over $44.00 before tax and shipping, and that is amazing. I can't wait to see my remaining 2 months! P.S. I need to know if you offer a reminder for next Mother's Day? Love this.

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