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Not impressed.

Knife Subscription Club on Jun 2018

Well after waiting, or after paying on April 3 2018. I finally get the package May 5 2018. Much to surprise, its a little package. I was under the impression that a bigger package should of been in the mail box this being the first box. But no Knife subscription sent me a 24.95 schrade, priced Amazon, and at the local walmart for 25.99. So you tell me what is the big deal about knife subscription monthly? Nothing no welcome box no edc items, just a shining little package with a 24.99 knife that I paid 28 and change for. I should of cancelled but I wasn't quick enough I got a text saying that my card declined payment, I thought ok it's over, nope three days later after my money way on the card, they charge it and take another 28 and change. So im sitting here with a not so impressive 24.99 knife that I now have paid 51 and change for. Thanks knife subscription monthly. You guy's rock. Not. There will be more to this monthly rating cant wait to see the next little package that I paid to much for. To be continued. Andy C.

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