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Good value for the price

TMNT Fan Site Subscription Box on Jul 2019

It's not expensive at all. and even though it costs very little compared to other geek and nerd boxes, it continues to keep me satisfied with stuff i like.

In the summer they gave out a tank top and then a backpack that i've gotten some compliments on. I wear the pins all the time on jackets and hats and i use the TMNT lamp thing as a night light down the hall.

Sure, I know that some of my favorite things I've gotten so far have just been easy silk screen pictures thrown on to generic apparel and accessories... but honestly, I still really like it and don't care as long as it has a cool character on it.

If they had a more expensive box with more expensive merch I'd definitely sign up again.

So far my favorite stuff is the pins, the shirts, electronic stuff, and other little accessory stuff

the stuff i hated/ threw away are the paper craft things, the keychain, and the things that weren't tmnt because it wasn't special and i've seen them at the dollar store.

the stuff I've given away are the comics because I already have all the comics. and I give away the cute, kawaii, chibi looking stuff. a lot of subscription boxes use bad pop figures and chibi dolls as value place holders until they can come up with something more creative to put in to the next months box.

some things I'd like to see in the future are posters/prints/ or...

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Consistently happy and satisfied

Nostalgia Crate on Jul 2019

I've been subscribed for close to a year now and every month is getting better and better.

I've subscribed to other geek boxes in the past that left me disappointed with the variability of the themes. This box is very consistent. The point system is perfect for keeping everything inline with my interests.

I also remember emailing them early on with a detailed list of stuff from the early to mid 90's that i liked and didn't like. They have a really good team that has never given me something that i explicitly didn't want (like furby or beanie babies or polly pockets). Every box so far has had at least something I really liked from one of the franchises i was really into as a kid (like mighty max, tmnt, marvel, nba or pokemon)

I recently found out I grew up living next door to the headquarters of the Ty Beanie Baby corporation so I might email the nostalgia crate team soon with a new appreciation for beanie babies. lol I don't know.

anyway, this is a good team that wants to please and makes a box that's worth keeping.

a few things i've gotten over the last 10-11 months that were really special to me were; a donatello pizza chucker action figure that i remember swallowing all the plastic pizzas to back when i was a kid, a xenomorph alien with tail whip action that i wasn't allowed to have because it was too scary, a spiderman that i always...

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