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elevate. Snack Box on Jun 2021

Iโ€™ve now received three CoreGains boxes and enjoyed each one. I bought the subscription to keep a healthy supply of snacks or meals available to me at my office. I greatly appreciate the variety of bars that have been sent, for there are SO MANY bars on the market, this has been the opportunity for me to find what I like, so I can use them more regularly.
Although the thought of eating a bar for a meal is unappealing, there are many days I forget to brown-bag a healthy lunch and โ€œgoing outโ€ is way too unhealthy and caloric. This has fit the bill!!!
The plus? The true โ€œcrunchyโ€ snacks that are always there in the box. There may only be one or two, but again, it allows me to taste the market and buy more of what I like.
I am definitely keeping my subscription here!! Thanks guys!

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