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Just awful

Sophie & Toffee Club on Jul 2020

The products may be cute, who knows since I paid for my subscription on May 1st and have received nothing, but the service is terrible. When I signed up, I was told that I would get the May box since my order came in before the 15th. When June came and there was no update, I emailed. I was then told that “Whoops! I signed up under the old terms but now it changed.”
So my May order was for the June box that would go out the 15th of the month. June 15th: no update. Emailed again. I would start shipping the week of the 15th, be patient please. They didn’t actually ship it til 6/20 but the shipper didn’t receive it til 6/25. So the last update is that on June 27th, my box was processed at the export facility. No update since to see if it is actually in transit. I understand that international shipping takes a while but Ive shipped to and from India in 2 weeks for less hassle. And this isn’t free shipping like every other subscription box. No I paid $10 for this top quality service.
So the box I paid for May 1st for the Month of June won’t arrive til the middle to end of July. When my credit card expired, I did not update this account. Not worth it. Wouldn’t you know they were quick to tell me...

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