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Just not digging it

Accio! on Jul 2020

I hate to go and leave a super negative review, when all of the service and logistical aspects of this box were good, etc etc, but I was very disappointed with my first box's contents. Most of the items were just not very pretty, and/or not my style. It didn't feel very Potter-ish to me at all. I think the only item I will use is the one bath related item, I will probably get rid of the rest.

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Match Made Coffee on Apr 2019

I've been delighted with every box I got. Both the coffee and the cookies are delicious. I'm a coffee amateur looking to try lots of things and figure out what I like, so this is perfect for me.

My boyfriend and I make each coffee and try it together. It's a cute little morning mini date we get to do twice a month.

I've noticed each box tends to have one normal cookie and one crazy cookie. I love that. Some safe crowd pleasers and some adventure.

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A keeper!

Maniology on Jan 2019

I was thrilled with my first box, which was the galaxy theme. The stamping plate designs are adorable. They include stars and moons and other galaxy themed images, as well as some gorgeous abstract geometric designs. I love the glittery dark blue polish, which is perfect for a starry night sky. The surprise item was gold stickers, including designs like stars, planets, rocket ships, and aliens.

I've done one amazing manicure with this box so far (I did an ombre with the navy polish and my own gold polish, and added some of the gold stickers on top, which turned out super sparkly and fun). I've got dozens of ideas to try out still! This is definitely going to be a source of entertainment all month long. Already excited for the next one!

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Great fun

Enchanted Crystal on Jul 2018

I've enjoyed both of the little boxes I received. The informational page that discusses how the crystal is formed and other facts is always interesting. Also the packaging is lovely and magical. Feels like a special little treat.

I've had no issues with shipping or communication, no mistakes, nothing but good experiences.

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