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Just not digging it

Accio! on Jul 2020

I hate to go and leave a super negative review, when all of the service and logistical aspects of this box were good, etc etc, but I was very disappointed with my first box's contents. Most of the items were just not very pretty, and/or not my style. It didn't feel very Potter-ish to me at all. I think the only item I will use is the one bath related item, I will probably get rid of the rest.

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Match Made Coffee on Apr 2019

I've been delighted with every box I got. Both the coffee and the cookies are delicious. I'm a coffee amateur looking to try lots of things and figure out what I like, so this is perfect for me.
My boyfriend and I make each coffee and try it together. It's a cute little morning mini date we get to do twice a month.
I've noticed each box tends to have one normal cookie and one crazy cookie. I love that. Some safe crowd pleasers and some adventure.

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Great fun

Enchanted Crystal on Jul 2018

I've enjoyed both of the little boxes I received. The informational page that discusses how the crystal is formed and other facts is always interesting. Also the packaging is lovely and magical. Feels like a special little treat.
I've had no issues with shipping or communication, no mistakes, nothing but good experiences.

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