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The Best of the best.

CLOTH & PAPER on May 2019

I love this subscription so much. I wish it was weekly. I just want Ashley to keep sending me more and more pads and pens.
I absolutely would get a weekly subscription if she had that option.
I’ve tried every other stationery subscription but this is so far ahead and beyond everything else out there that I can’t even say she has competition.

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Worth the coin

Bar & Cocoa on May 2019

Overall this is fantastic.
I do wish some had nuts 🥜 the plain milk chocolate gets a bit same same

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Beautifully curated.

Postmark'd Studio on May 2019

I was impressed. Wasn’t expecting to be this pleased. Great curation, refined taste, plush quality. I wish I could pay more for a huge box of stuff.

Loved it

Pawstruck on May 2019

My dog loved this box 📦
Happy pooch happy me

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Came with an empty bottle

Orglamix on May 2019

The selection seemed pretty nice but the thing I was most looking forward to was the bottle with the rose but it came completely empty. The box did not have any faint traces of smell so I don’t think it leaked out. I think the bottle was empty to begin with.
The other stuff was alrite

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Gran stuff (no no, not grand)

Rebecca Mail on Apr 2019

For the last one year I’ve been subscribing to a ‘Cloth and Paper’ a service that is double the price of any stationery subscription I have seen so far but offers triple it’s value. I loved that experience so much that it made me curious about what else was out there.

Rebecca Mail was was highly rated on Crate joy so I went with it. My first box came in yesterday. Excited, I opened it to be frankly - underwhelmed.

I saw a note saying it was themed and sure, art and tastes in art are personal. But the flimsy envelopes, unaligned cards that were not folded correctly leaving one side wider than the other, the generic Stabilo pen all just seemed clumsy and very dated. Reminded me of the cards my gran was sent by her friends. Given the popularity of this service, I will try it for one more month before I take a call on wether I wanna stay or walk. I do have one leg out the door. That pen was really unfortunate. So were the Milano cookies Something i can find at the checkout counter if a 7/11 isn’t what I’d call inspiring.

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