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Loved it!

Anchor of Hope Box on Jul 2020

I have only received one box but I loved the items and I think the whole premise of Anchor of Hope is wonderful. I wish CrateJoy had more of these types of boxes. I look forward to getting my next box.

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Not worth the money

Delanas Baked Goods on Sep 2018

I've received 2 boxes. They don't seem to travel well. The first box I received was during hot weather and the cookie dough truffles were melted together. In the second box the snickerdoodle bar was messed up with part of it on the lid of the container. The contents of the first box were okay. The contents of the second box were better but I didn't like the fruity pebbles marshmallow treats. I really wanted to like this box because I love bakery items but it is too expensive not to like everything in the box and the shipping is about $8. I just don't think this is worth the money.

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It wasn't what I expected

Sudzly on Jul 2018

First of all, the other boxes I have gotten come in nice boxes - not regular mailing boxes. I used one of the bathbombs and not only did I not like the scent, it left a pink ring aound my tub and my tub full of debris. I usually just spray the tub with cleaner and rinse the tub. It defeats the purpose of a relaxing bath when you have to get out, scrub the tub, remove as much of the debris as possible and hope what did go down the drain doesn't cause problems. It also didn't soften my skin. I have several bathbombs from other companies that smell wonderful, leave my skin feeling soft and silky, are cheaper and don't require extensive clean up after using.

I tried the lotion and that didn't smell all that good and did nothing to soften my skin.

Having said all of this, I am the only person who did not leave a 5 star review so maybe it's just me.

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Loved it!

Match Made Coffee on Jun 2018

I received my first box and loved it! The two coffees were really good and the cookies were delicious!

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