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Not a good experience

Funshine Pens on Jun 2021

My subscription was for three months and the pen arrived quickly but the quality of the pen and the refills left much to be desired. February's pen arrived and again it was nothing special. I saw a few pens on their site so I took a chance and purchased just over $50 worth. I never received a confirmation or receipt. Just under three weeks later I had to email to find out where my order was. No explanation or apology was given, and a day or two later, I received tracking information. At this time I knew I wouldn't extend my subscription. The pens arrived, and I was not impressed and a bit upset I spent more money, because I wanted to give a small, woman owned business the benefit of the doubt. The first week of April roles around and my March shipment is no where to found. No tracking number, nothing. Again, I had to email to ask where my shipment was. Again, no explanation or apology received, just tracking information. At this time I canceled so my subscription would not renew. Great idea but communication and product quality need work.

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The thrill is gone

scribedelivery on Jun 2021

I have been a subscriber for just shy of two years. (I just stopped my auto renewal.) In that time the monthly envelopes went from Eh, so-so to cool, back to underwhelming. Most of the items I end up taking into the office and either hand them out or place them in the supply cabinet. I'm done supplying everyone else with pencils, OfficeMax pens, and boring notepads. Shame on me for sticking it out this long cuz the thrill is gone.

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