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No Customer Service

BomiBox on Jul 2018

I loved every item in my first Bomibox, but after that everything went downhill. Customer Service appears to be non existent. I had emailed them on one occasion because a sheet mask order was taking its time, and not long after I received notification of shipment. Why I had to remind them I do not know.
I contacted Bomibox to confirm whether the Bomibag sub. would ship for June or would it be for July. I had already received the box. No reply.
I put in a notice to skip the box shipment for July. Today I was billed again for the Bomibag and for the July box. Now I have cancelled both subscriptions because I no longer wish to deal with a company that does not reach out to its customers and resolve issues. Sorry Cratejoy, I cancelled the billing agreement due to no fault of yours. I have now paid $37.99 for a box I wanted to skip and paid twice for the Bomibag which I have yet to receive.
I liked the box but the hassle of writing emails over and over and receiving no reply has left me no choice. A frustrating experience indeed!

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